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Morning Links: Charlie Sheen’s Racist Tirade; Arrest in Stanton Street Shooting; Carl Paladino Offensive Again


• Not only was Charlie Sheen coked up, drunk, and really scary went he went nutso at the Plaza — he was also, apparently, on a racist tirade. “ reported the Two and a Half Men actor repeatedly screamed the N-word and punched the walls.” Which means Mel Gibson can finally have his life back. Side tidbit: The dad of his porn star “date” breeds Yorkies! [NYDN]

• Anna Nicole Smith’s lawyer boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, has been convicted of conspiring to help her obtain illegal substances by fraud and giving a false name for a prescription. Her psychiatrist was also found guilty on conspiracy charges. R.I.P., old-man-marrying lady! [WP]

• Carl Paladino makes another offensive comment, this time about Kirsten Gillibrand, or as he says, “Schumer’s little girl.” We hit snooze. [NYT]

• Police have arrested a suspect in Tuesday night’s shooting on Stanton Street, in which three people were injured. [The Lo-Down]

• The TSA may be patting you down prior to your next flight. They don’t mean any harm. [CNN]

• A four-year-old can be sued for negligence, according to a judge — especially a road-rage-crazy bicycling four-year-old who hits an old woman. Also, seriously, stop at the stop lights. [NYT]

• Mount Everest now has a 3G network. [NPR]

• The Central Park Zoo has baby mongeese. They are cute. [DNA Info]

• Just ’cause, here is a photo of the wig-tender at St. Marks. [EV Grieve]


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