Sandy Alderson, New Mets GM, Not Exactly Known for his Boldness


If the New York Post‘s Dan Martin has got it right — and it looks to us as if he has — the Mets’ next manager isn’t going to be … well, a maverick.

Sandy Alderson, Martin reminds, “was famously quoted in the book Moneyball as saying of managers: ‘Art Howe was hired to implement the ideas of the front office, not his own. And that was new.'” Alderson was also quoted as saying, “In what other business do you leave the fate of the organization to a middle manager?”

That, as John Harper points out in today’s Daily News, probably means that former Met favorite Wally Bachman isn’t likely going to be the next Mets manager.

“I still think,” writes Harper, “Bachman would instill some much-needed toughness for a team that plays soft, but somehow I don’t think he’d like being told that sacrifice bunting is not part of the organization’s philosophy. The same for Bobby Valentine.”

A word of caution, though, for Mets fans who are rejoicing at Alderson’s hire. Tommy Willett of New York Sports Digest has a counter to the wisdom that’s being passed around the internet and on talk shows, namely that having found success with a small market team like Oakland should give Alderson a big advantage when working for a team with the Mets resources. “That’s all well and good,” writes Willett, “except it sounds exactly what was being said about the last guy who held the GM spot for the Mets. If you remember correctly, Omar Minaya was applauded for his ability to build a contending team in Montreal despite the Expos being owned by the other 29 teams and financial resources being, well, limited.”

Yes, but Alderson has a proven record of success. And Omar didn’t.

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