The Excuse Cops Used to Raid Santos Party House Last Night? Nearly Three-Month-Old Drug Charges


When the cops raided Santos Party House last night and shut the club down, just hours before Ninja Tune’s 20th anniversary party was set to jump off, many noted that the timing of the raid was suspicious: right before Halloween weekend, typically a lucrative and busy couple days for NYC-area clubs. (Coco66, in Greenpoint, was shut down just last week; the West Village club Love is also rumored to have been raided and closed recently.) Was the timing of the club’s shuttering coincidental, or spitefully deliberate? A look at the summons–obtained this afternoon from the Civil Supreme Court downtown, where it was just filed–suggests that it was deliberate: the NYPD shut down Santos on a complaint relating to three drug charges, the most recent of which was all the way back on August 13th, 2010.

The summons specifies three unlawful violations inside the club: a June 6th purchase of four ecstasy pills by an NYPD undercover from a guy they later arrested; a July 3rd marijuana sale to another undercover, who promptly arrested the two men who sold it to him; and an offer of cocaine to a couple undercovers from “a female who was promoting party she was to host the following week at the subject premises.” The cops busted her, too, finding “two bags each containing a white powdery substance” after they searched her. And that’s it. Says the summons: “It cannot be denied that the subject premises is a serious public nuisance, and as such should not be allowed to remain open even one more day.” This despite the fact that the NYPD left the club open all the way from the first offense, back in June, through last night, when they suddenly shut it down.

A stroll by Santos reveals that it’s still very much shuttered, and no one is picking up the phone. The summons seems to say the NYPD wants the place closed for a whole year now. (“Plaintiff is entitled to a judgment against the defendants, their agents, assigns and/or representatives, and any and all persons acting individually or in concert with them, permanently enjoining such public nuisances; directing the sheriff to seize and remove from the subject premises all material, equipment and instrumentalities used in the creation and maintenance of the public nuisance and directing the sale by the sheriff of such property; and closing the subject premises for a period of one (1) year from the posting of the judgment.”) Somehow we doubt the Santos lawyers will let that happen.

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