Your Halloween Party Guide, Starring The Rub, One More Tomb, And End Of The World Zombie Attack


Halloween is the worst holiday of the year for weekend bar-hopping: The city is swarmed with underage college kids who consider themselves more likely to get into bars while in disguise. We recommend that you find a top-notch dance party and plant yourself there for the duration of the evening. Here’s a selection of ghoulish festivities wherein to dress up and act a fool… organized by neighborhood!



Neighborhood: Brooklyn
Party: Let’s Play House
DJs: Mugwump, Populette, Harkin & Raney, James Friedman
Highlights: It’s a secret warehouse party! The Let’s Play House crew will get together with the Rapture’s Throne of Blood Records to put on a costume-encouraged house-music massacre featuring the Belgian techno stylings of Mugwump, the familiar house grooves of (Eamon) Harkin and Steve “OneAuff” Raney, and electro bangers courtesy of James Friedman. This will likely go down in Bushwick, so be prepared for that.
Details: RSVP for location.

Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Party: Club Infinity
DJs: NguzuNguzu, Kingdom, Dre Skull
Highlights: A mix of house, garage, dancehall, crunk, and “everything in between.” Expect a lot of bass.
Details: At Glasslands. $5 with RSVP, $10 without.

Neighborhood: East Village
Party: Girls & Boys
DJs: Boyz Noise and Rusko
Highlights: This is the place to go for a full-on, terrifying, strobe-light-blaring Halloween party. Plenty of costumed patrons (mostly, ahem, “sexy” kittens/zombies/vampires/hipsters) will throw down for this 18+ fete. Moreover, if Halloween had a soundtrack, dubstep would be it, and when it comes to dubstep, we love the dirty, echoing styles of the U.K.’s Rusko.
Details: Webster Hall. $20 at the door.

Neighborhood: Meatpacking District
Party: Playtime
DJs: Willie Graf, Chez Damier, Leks
Highlights: Willie Graf returns to his residency here (after a summer traipsing around Ibiza) for a night of house, techno, Afrobeat, and Latin jams. This will go deep, stay open late, and be filled with grown-ups that can afford Meatpacking drink prices and extra-crazy costumes. Hopefully this means the return of Cielo’s fabulous stilt-walking drag queens as well.
Details: Cielo. $20 at the door.

Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Party: One More Tomb
DJs: XXXChange, RCMP, Skinny Friedman, Pumpkin Patch
Highlights: The monthly One More Time fete takes on a morbid tone for this Halloween edition, which also acts as a release party for RMCP’s USA Groove EP. Expect disco edits and a bit of club from XXXChange, and a bunch of hip-hop from residents Skinny Friedman and Pumpkin Patch. Costumes strongly encouraged.
Details: The Cove. Free all night.


Neighborhood: Park Slope
Party: The Rub
DJs: DJ Ayres, DJ Eleven, Cosmo Baker, Cousin Cole
Highlights: It’s the Rub! I’m biased towards this hip-hop, soul, and reggae-infused party that pretty much demands you dance or leave, so there’s that. To top off an already great night, they have rock and club maestro Cousin Cole as the night’s guest — another favorite. I want to give this party a hug.
Details: Southpaw. $10 at the door. Costumes required.

Neighborhood: Fort Greene
Party: End of the World Zombie Attack
DJs: JDH, Creep (Lauren Flax & Lauren Dillard) Michna Project Matt, After Midnight
Highlights: MeanRed is throwing this one, so you know it’s bound to be particularly extravagant and terrifying. The theme here is “zombies,” so they’ve provided a make-up artist to zombify those of you too cheap to get costumes. The lineup is swell, too — expect a ton of creepy goth-wave (not rape-gaze) from Creep, house bangers from JDH, smooth disco grooves from Michna, and more of the like from everyone else. Dress up or you’ll look really lame.
Details: Brooklyn Masonic Temple. $10 in advance.

Neighborhood: Greenwich Village
Party: Basic NYC
DJs: Derrick Carter, Honey Dijon, Sleepy & Boo
Highlights: We love the Sullivan Room for its intimate, basement-like good vibes as it is. Chicago’s Derrick Carter takes over the cozy space with a set of soulful house, jazz, and disco (most likely into the after-hours). Feel free to look normal here, as we’re sure that not a single patron will care that it’s Halloween. In fact, we recommend you leave your costumes at home for this one.
Details: Sullivan Room. $20 at the door.

Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Party: Afro-Dub Sessions Halloween
DJs: Mista Chatman, DJ Emch, DJ Linh, Lil Tiger, Super Hi-Fi
Highlights: A night of reggae mixed with dubstep, hip-hop, bhangra, and dancehall sounds pretty amazing on any night of the week. Add on Super Hi-Fi’s five-person ensemble and the DJ renderings of Lil Tiger, and you’re ready for a full-on, sweaty, uninhibited dance party. Strongly recommended — costumes encouraged as well.
Details: Rose Live. Free all night.


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