Carl Paladino Storms Off TV Over His Own Gillibrand “Little Girl” Comments


Carl Paladino, the GOP candidate for governor of New York, went on a “TV tirade” on Plattsburgh’s WCAX-TV, a local CBS affiliate, Friday evening when asked about calling Senator Kirsten Gillibrand a “little girl,” according to the Buffalo News. (The News, Paladino’s hometown paper, has already endorsed his opponent Andrew Cuomo.) This particular round of controversy started on Thursday in Long Island, where Paladino referred to Gillibrand as fellow New York Democrat Charles Schumer’s “little girl,” a comment she called “outrageous” and “offensive to women.” Paladino repeated the phrase later in Albany, telling reporters, “She does exactly what Schumer tells her to do. So she is his little girl.” When asked about it in an interview Friday night, Paladino did what he usually does — he snapped.

From the New York Post, via the Buffalo News:

“Are we going to talk issues or are we leaving you right now?” Paladino said during an interview with WCAX in Plattsburgh, according to the Buffalo News.

When the interviewer persisted, the volatile Paladino exploded with rage, saying: “She wants to talk trash, she can talk to somebody else.” He then stormed out of the studio.

Andrew Cuomo, meanwhile, continues to sit back and laugh. “I’ll tell you the truth,” he said, “the more he talks, the better I do. You could not make this stuff up.”

Carl’s ‘little girl’ slap [NYP]

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