Charlie Sheen Still Partying With Cocaine and Hookers to the Delight of His Employer


Earlier this week Charlie Sheen became the new Mel Gibson after a cocaine-fueled semi-rampage at New York’s not-well-suited Plaza Hotel. He allegedly hit hooker/porn star Capri Anderson and screamed the n-word, all while his ex-wife Denise Richardson and their children slept in a nearby room. Now, according to Radar Online, Sheen is back in Los Angeles, where “things have gotten even worse” with more drugs and more hookers, leading an old friend to predict: “Charlie Sheen is going to die this week.”

Radar reports on the “bender,” which sounds extremely dark:

Team Sheen is frantic about Charlie’s behavior and one close source said: “Charlie’s cocaine use is out of control. The situation has gotten even worse.”

Behind the scenes, his handlers are trying to figure out what to do, learned.

Sheen wasted little time resuming his drug binge after leaving New York last week. Prostitutes have been at his house for several nights and he has used cocaine non- stop in front of them, learned.

This report comes the same day as one from the New York Post, which claims via anonymous sources that Sheen’s bosses at CBS are thrilled with his behavior and believe it will lead to a ratings boost for the actor’s show Two and a Half Men:

“They’re quietly thrilled,” a network insider told The Post. “They think it will open up the show to a whole new segment of young viewers, the 17-to-23 crowd. They feel like it’s millions in free publicity.”

Sheen’s father Martin is said to be considering an intervention, while Two and a Half Men resumes filming on Tuesday.

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