Behold “Rent Is Too Damn High” Party Leader Jimmy McMillan’s New Single, “What Is This”


You may have been surprised to learn, in our chat last week with NY gubernatorial candidate/Internet sensation Jimmy McMillan, a/k/a the “Rent Is Too Damn High” guy, that he’s got both a soul-singer background and a brand-new album, The Rent Is Too DAMN High, v. 1, due out tomorrow, a/k/a Election Day. The Times is now kindly hosting an ostensible sneak preview, which frankly has to violate some sort of media/campaign law, no?

In any event, head over there to hear “What Is This,” a murky, bass-heavy dirge wherein McMillan berates an evil landlord for, among other things, fucking with this mail. Not bad, but I’m holding out hope for “Rent Is Too High Christmas,” which will hopefully leak soon, and has a real chance of joining the holiday canon.

(Oh, and you don’t have to vote for this guy, but go vote for somebody.)