Lady Juror Mistakes Death Penalty Trial for Dating Opportunity


It’s true that of all the random obligatory things you find yourself doing on a semi-regular basis, jury duty is perhaps one of the dullest. Unless, of course, you are assigned to a gruesome and awful murder trial — say, of the man who killed the wife and two daughters of a Connecticut doctor — and happen to also find yourself with a crush on a distractingly handsome court officer.

Seriously. The remaining alternate juror in the trial of Steven Hayes — who was convicted of the capital murders of Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her daughters, Hayley, 17, and Michaela, 11, on October 5 (jurors are now deciding whether to impose the death penalty) — decided to take the opportunity to pass a note on Friday “suggesting a romantic meeting with a court officer,” reports the New York Times.


the woman’s note, which was passed to a court clerk but was not delivered to the court officer, was read in court: “Sunday 5 p.m. Side Street Grille.”

The juror was not dismissed after the judge, Jon Blue, interviewed her in the courtroom to see if she could maintain impartiality. She insisted she could and was allowed to stay.

“Although I am a romantic at heart,” the judge said, this was a “damn stupid thing to do.” He also mentioned that he hadn’t explicitly specified that jurors not hit on court officers — but that he hadn’t issued a warning of “Don’t do anything stupid,” either.

Got it, gals? Even if you are “just an alternate.”