Manhattan Bar Throws Birthday Bash for Really, Really Old Urinals


Old Town Bar on East 18th Street — whose website proudly proclaims that they’ve served New York since 1892 — is celebrating the “birth” of their first flushing urinals tonight. The urinals are officially 100 years old, which means that for 18 years of the bar’s life, they had no flushing urinals (thank goodness for progress). And also that the urinals are Libras.

Broke-Ass Stuart says they’re the last working Hinsdale urinals (featuring tall sides and special “low-splashing” functionality) on the East Coast, which is something special in the urinal world — the only other ones are apparently in Nebraska.

The bar will allow the public to see them tonight in honor of the momentous occasion of their birth — even if you’re a woman. You know, because they’re in the men’s room.

According to, there will also be “a champagne toast, toilet tribute by writer Steve Rushin, and the reading of a congratulatory letter from Mayor Michael Bloomberg.”

As for what to bring to a 100-year-old urinal who already has everything, your guess is as good as ours. Urinal cake?