Matt Damon Rallies the Troops Again for Working Families Party



The frantic, pre-election, get-out-the-vote push is on everywhere. But aside from President Obama, whose last-minute stumping attracted a crew of stunningly self-defeating AIDS-activist hecklers over the weekend, the biggest star-power has been mustered by the Working Families Party which got Matt Damon to do his second video in a week urging New Yorkers to vote Row E.

Damons’s message this time is a lookout for the city’s “crazy new voting system.” As he puts it: “If you’re voting Working Families Party — and you should be — only bubble in the ovals on the Working Families line, Row E. Don’t go nuts bubbling in Andrew Cuomo and Eric Schneiderman everywhere you see them. That’s no good. Your vote won’t count for the Working Families Party and you’re going to make those people in Dade County Florida look like geniuses…Do yourselves and everybody else in New York a favor and go to Row E and cast a good progressive vote this Tuesday.”

For those who missed the first one, it was a little goofier, but if any other legitimate Hollywood stars are doing on-camera bits to rally the vote for Cuomo-Schneiderman-DiNapoli on the Democratic or the Independence Party lines, we haven’t seen it.