Scene From the L Train: Help JJ Find His Halloween Love, Kristy (or Krissy, or Kristie)


Halloween: The night (or nights) where single New Yorkers inevitably fall in love with handsome and/or “slutty” costumed incarnations of other New Yorkers, maybe for a night, maybe forever. But with all of those costumes and parties and all that booze, some of those connections are bound to be lost forever, unless, like one young man did, you take action.

Yesterday, these signs were plastered all over the Metropolitan-Lorimer L/G stop in Williamsburg, specifically along the L line. Like, everywhere. On the Brooklyn-bound platform, on the entrance to the platforms, and on the Manhattan-bound platform.

They attracted no small number of onlookers. Essentially, this guy got this girl dressed as “Lydia” (?) to give her his phone number, but his shitty phone lost it. It’s happened to all of us. He drew a wonderful heart in crayon on it, and asks that assholes neither rip the signs down, nor prank-call him, requests that are not without reason. Use of the word “retarded,” however, has it’s politically correct naysayers with reason, so word to the wise: get an editor for these things.

We’re gonna give JJ a shout later this week to see if he had any luck, but if you are Kristy (or “Krissy,” or “Kristie”) you should probably give JJ a shout. Dude seems pretty taken with you, and not a creeper so much as a well-intentioned guy who is currently the mayor of Swoon City, Brooklyn. Got any other good Halloween Missed Connections we can help out with? Give us a shout.