The Best Midterm Elections Viral Video, Period: “My Girl’s a Republican”


Just in time for tomorrow’s midterm elections, the following video — by the finest working act in hip-hop sketch comedy, It’s The Real (three white, mostly-Jewish guys living on the Upper West Side) — comes this: “My Girl’s A Republican.

There’s little else to preface this with, except to sell you on a few key lines:

  • She’s red, period, such a bloody mess.
  • She’s my filli-bust-it baby, I fill and bust her mouth, when she’s not in bed with lobbyists, they’re sleeping on the couch.
  • We’ll be together forever, no if’s or even maybe, she’s anti-abortion so she’ll never dump her baby.
  • Dick Nixon-sucking lips.

I just, I can’t even. Here:

*Full Disclosure: I’ve written about It’s The Real, and know these guys. That doesn’t make them any less talented, or this video any less amazing. “Bend it over like an earmark”? Are you kidding me?

The song is available on iTunes to download. You now have your Midterm Elections Theme Song.