Watch Soulja Boy’s Delightfully Surreal Wall Street Journal Interview/Performance At Lincoln Center


So as threatened, Soulja Boy was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal live onstage at Lincoln Center on Friday morning about his absolute mastery of social media, and while it didn’t go down quite as we’d imagined it, the result was still wildly entertaining: He recounts his rise to fame (“Around 2006, I discovered the Internet”), brags about his bizarre-sounding new venture that somehow combines Twitter with voicemail, and responds to a mildly sassy question about critics who claim he’s not a good rapper with a perfectly logical rebuttal: “Then what am I sitting in front of you for?” Then he does a live performance of “Speakers Going Hammer,” and that’s just hilarious.

Whole thing’s worth watching, per below, but the fun really starts around 12:15:

In the future I would advise the WSJ to get a few more people in the front row for these things, and confiscate their cameras/phones/etc. beforehand. As for advising Soulja Boy himself, it’s hard to know where to start.