Brooklyn Dudes and Upper East Side Republicans Show Early Leads in Love at the Polls


As Foster mentioned earlier today, going to vote is not only about civic responsibility — it’s also about the opportunity to impress others with your “legendary prowess” and maybe even meet a cute politico, or someone who doesn’t care that much about politics but has decided to vote anyway on the basis of possibly getting laid. Also, civic responsibility. But, yeah, this is a once-a-year singles opportunity! Don’t miss out.

So far, it seems we’re doing pretty well, New York City. The polls don’t close until 9 and we’ve already met and missed several promising connections, including the following. (Note: Upper East Republicans and Brooklyn dudes in their late 20s seem especially primed to action today.)

In Boerum Hill, m4w – 29:

Saw you voting today. It was totally sexy. Let’s get together some time and continue to participate in representative democracy.

In Brooklyn Heights, m4w – 29 (Montague St.):

You were the energetic, happy, and beautiful girl helping people scan their ballots.

I was the guy who made the crack about the scanners being like vending machines, hopefully not spitting ballots back out.

Too busy to flirt this morning but….damn, did I want to.

Vote Brumberg, Upper East Side, York and 78th – m4w

YOU: A way cute, brunette sitting in the cold on the corner of York and 78th. Asking people if they voted today.

ME: Cute, wayfarers, brown hair, 6’1 and great smile.

You asked me if I voted each time I walked by.

I had to get back for a meeting, but would like to meet up for a coffee sometime. You looked so cold, but you’re so damn CUTE!

Vote Brumberg, again (doing a brisk business), 77th and Lex – w4m

At 9:15 this morning, you were the adorable brown haired guy, probably late 20s, handing out flyers for Brumberg. I told you I had already voted for him, and then you told me to tell my friends.

I was the tall redhead, wearing a dress and black coat and glasses.

We all know how tough it is to find cute young Republicans in this this city, let’s meet up!

Chambers Street, m4m

Kept making eye contact this morning and kicked myself after for not saying hello outside. Maybe grab a drink at some point and discuss the aftermath of today’s election? Give me a signal so I know it’s you.

Urban areas are getting a big turnout, so far, so…make it work. Also, a general interest tip: If you can’t vote because you have, say, a felony, keep that to yourself. If you don’t vote because you’re not smart, keep that to yourself. But if you can’t vote because you’re the citizen of another country, hang out at the polls and work that shit. Especially if Paladino somehow wins.

See someone you like the look of while voting today? Talk to us.