Daughter-Raping Murderer Is Fan of Charlie Sheen’s Show, Which Sheen Actually Can’t Help


In what we assume is a bid to put together two SEO-worthy tales of sex and woe, the Daily News made the decision to publish the info that self-described “world-famous” Austrian Josef Fritzl, who raped and fathered children with a daughter he kept in a dungeon for 24 years (and was found guilty of murder for letting one of those children die), is a huge, huge fan of Charlie Sheen’s Two and a Half Men.

The show apparently relaxes Fritzl and makes him laugh, which is good, “because it destroys the soul, if you are always sad.”

In fairness, RadarOnline, Gawker, and the Daily Beast also covered the “news.”

But beyond it being one of the few things published lately that actually serves to make us feel bad (sort of) for Charlie Sheen, it’s kinda the equivalent of publishing a quote from Hitler saying he loved Braveheart, or an announcement from Charles Manson declaring himself the president and founder of the Lindsay Lohan fan club, anachronisms notwithstanding.

Come on. Can’t nude, drunken, coked-up hotel rages with hookers just speak for themselves these days? Just because Sheen is an unmitigated mess…does that mean we also have to throw him under the bus with a rapist/murderer? Isn’t there plenty enough to work with otherwise?

Sheen, in the meantime, seems relatively unperturbed, showing up at the Warner Bros. lot this morning to “lots of fist pumps and hugs” after filing divorce against wife Brooke Mueller yesterday, says TMZ.

So…we don’t feel bad for him anymore. But we maintain our (albeit shallow) principles. Sheen may be bad, but he’s never kept anyone in a dungeon…that we know of.