Epic Moments in PR and Performance Art: Pee-Wee Herman vs. WWF Wrestlers (Video)


Pee Wee Herman (né Paul Reubens) — whose Broadway show running right now is obviously the best thing to happen to “legit” New York theater since Cats was euthanized — decided to do a little promo work to get the word out.

At a WWF wrestling match.

Lest you think Pee-Wee Herman has nothing in common with WWF fans, think again. I mean, come on (chronic masturbation pun fully-intended). Pee-Wee Herman, his fans, the WWF, and their fans are all connoisseurs of absurdist performance art, however different the specific stripe of which may be!

No, but really, it’s Pee-Wee Herman getting tossed around by “professional wreslters” in an attempt to synergize entertainment to promote a piece of commercial art. If this isn’t brilliant, beautiful post-modernism at work, I don’t know what is:

And now back to the mundanity of your regularly scheduled election coverage.