Home’s Egg Yolk Soda Leads to Heavy Drinking


Indulging in raw fish, meat, and egg is the gastronomic equivalent of dating a bad boy: The danger and taboo instantly hooks you, then your mother worries frantically about your health and safety.

Home’s egg yolk soda intrigues from the get-go, largely because the liquid version of this off-limits decadence centers around an ingredient you just should not drink. The beverage, served in a plastic cup over ice, blends uncooked egg yolk, condensed milk, and seltzer.

The Park Slope Vietnamese eatery’s made-to-order mix ultimately results in sippable custard. Though the yolk and milk are heavy, rich, and sweet, the carbonated water thins the concoction without diluting it. The seltzer gives the offering a bit of pop, granting it the slight sharpness of a beverage accented with citrus.

The $3.50 offering’s texture falls somewhere between that of a thick, fresh-pressed fruit juice and a half-melted milkshake. Said to be popular in Vietnamese communities, the drink distinctly uses egg. When in cocktails like classic pisco sours, whites typically serve as a frothing agent. Rarely, if ever, do yolks come into play, let alone as the mainstay of a selection.

If you do check out the restaurant’s egg yolk soda, consider heeding the advice of a kindly female employee: “Don’t drink this if you have a bad stomach.” Sure, flan in a glass should not be passed up for mere health concerns, but the intense ingredients might not bode well with delicate constitutions.

Home, 349 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-369-2984