Jonathan Richman Is Playing The Bell House Tonight, In The Likely Event You’ll Want To Hear Something Soothing


Tonight is going to be unpleasant politically. Watching the results in real time on television/the Internet is going to do nothing for your health, your soul, your complexion, your ever-diminishing sense of childlike wonder. I hereby recommend you go out instead, to the Bell House, where Jonathan Richman, whose sense of childlike wonder has not diminished in 35+ years, will distract and soothe and quite frankly delight you, as he has done so many times before. He will sing “Springtime in New York,” and you will forget that it isn’t; he will sing “I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar” with multiple breaks to recreate said dancing, and you will join the crowd in hooting uproariously and forgetting all about Russ Feingold or whoever. Here, in fact, is Jonathan on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon set, doing “Lesbian Bar” with extra-long dance interludes:

Note that the video ends with a brief, awkward chat with Fallon that could almost be described as an actual interview, which Richman, of course, generally does not do under any circumstances. There is nothing that important to talk about, you see. Particularly tonight.