Live-Bonging the Prop. 19 Vote With Broam Chronsky


As the results of America’s midterm elections come to light, the Village Voice‘s expert panel of political thinkers and shapers will be weighing in live over the course of the evening. Covering California’s landmark vote on whether or not to legalize Marijuana, Proposition 19, is our special correspondent, a self-certified expert in the field of Marijuana Studies and an avid reader of High Times, Broam Chronsky. Broam?

7:27: Five Thirty Eight? More like Four Twenty…Ate. Ha. Put that in your calculator and smoke it, Nate Silver. Also, Kanye West is on Hot 97 right now. GET ‘EM HIGH, Yeezy.

7:24: The people speak!

God willing, these fine Americans will remember both to turn the ballot over and, also, where they put their keys.

7:20 (4:20 p.m. PST): Deploy Bong Hit #1!

7:12 p.m.: So, in the unlikely event this thing passes (to the left), how much will small-scale Marijuana farmers feel the economic hit? Not much, at least not in the near future, gathers Ariel Schwartz of Fast Company. Basically, a “Phillip Morris of Weed” won’t exist until marijuana becomes legal on the federal level, which will probably never happen, because the Cow Tipping Lobby is just too strong in southern Oklahoma for something to come in and give kids better things to do. Also, they can expand their reach, and the need for locally sourced goods will always exist. But the days of marijuana costing you a pretty penny? Over. It wouldn’t exactly go for what a fistful of basil does, but the days of a $50-eighth for your average bag of ‘Endo would be cashed out.

7:11 p.m.: That reminds me. All I have in the apartment is a family-size package of Pizza Rolls. Shit.

6:24 p.m.: In about 56 minutes, it’s going to be 4:20 p.m. in California, and possibly the last day where getting blazed for an afternoon siesta is a criminal act. But it probably isn’t. As such, under the cover of anonymity, we will be “live-bonging” the Prop. 19 vote. By which, we mean: partaking in the smoking of marijuana out of a water pipe every half-hour until (if recent polling numbers and cliches are anything to be concerned about) the dreams of American Marijuana Advocates go up in smoke. And like any respectable news network, we will tell you what the brilliant masses of Twitter have to say on the matter in real time. We will also be highlighting pertinent and contemporary pieces of the American conversation on Marijuana until we are so high we can no longer find the big blue “PUBLISH” button at the bottom of the page. Check in every 15 or 20 minutes, and if you want to contribute to our conversation, please chip in on the comments, and we’ll feature the best notes on the blog. Until then: