Marketers Are Totally Judging You Based on the TV Shows You Watch


AdAge has a fascinating little piece on what TV shows you watch and how that relates to the brands you like, based on information from “psychographic” (eek) “ad targeter” Mindset Media. The data was self-reported by about 25,000 TV viewers across 70-plus shows, most of which ended up attracting their own personality “type.” Some of the findings reinforce what we already knew — if you watch Mad Men, you’re a creative, intelligent delight to society — while others were downright disturbing (altruists like The Bachelor?).

So, what TV show do you match up with? Here are some of the highlights; go to the original article for more intense self-reflection.

–If you watch Mad Men, you’re probably liberal and creative (self-described “creative types” were 41 percent more likely to watch the show than non-creative types. But who, given the choice, describes themself as “non-creative”?). Mad Men watchers tended to like brands like Apple, Audi, Blue Moon, and Am Ex…but not Campbell’s soup, Microsoft, or Cadillac Escalade. They also liked Jon Hamm, but that’s because they had eyes.

–If you watch Family Guy you’re a sarcastic risk-taker or rebel who might enjoy DiGiornio, a Ford F150 truck, Totino’s, and Harley-Davidson — but not Dannon Light & Fit or a Volvo C70. Well, yeah. Except we’ve never made one of those home-pizzas in our life.

Glee fans were “in touch with their own feelings and may even feel happiness or sadness more intensely than others.” ‘Cause it’s a musical. As such, they liked “feelingsy” brands like Evian and Volkswagen, but not Quaker cereals or, say, Chevy Silverado.

–People who watch Dancing With the Stars probably like Kraft and Buick. ‘Nuff said.

–If you watch The Office, you think you are awesome. Like, way better than others. But you also like Starbucks, which is kind of lame. You also don’t like Doritos. Whatever.

–People who watch The Biggest Loser would probably respond to Bud Light, because they are pragmatists “who live in the present and work with what they have been given.” Also, Velveeta.

Real Housewives of Orange County watchers enjoy Botox, Apple, Crest Whitestrips, and fancy, shiny things. And shitshows.

Of course, you could be like us, and watch a number of these shows with equal relish. But then you’d also fast forward all the commercials, making you largely useless to marketers. Oh well.

In conclusion, if you’re still mourning the cancellation of Cavemen, you probably have some shopping to do.