Momofuku Waitress Puts on One-Woman Show About How Restaurants Saved Her Life: 86’d


Like so many servers in New York City, Diana Arnold is an actress. She pours her heart and soul out on the stage, but will gladly pour you a glass of water or wine at Momofuku Ssäm Bar or Dirt Candy, both of which currently employ her. On November 8, as part of the United Solo Theatre Festival, her two professions will come together as she performs her one-woman show: 86’d.

The title refers to the term restaurants use when they’re out of a particular dish. The 30-minute performance, structured like a three-course meal, tells Arnold’s personal story of living with a father with cerebral palsy, but also of working in New York’s restaurant world. She describes it as “a personal story that gives a voice to your local waitress and tells how restaurants have truly saved her life.” Tickets are $18.