Shocker: ‘Guidos’ of Jersey Shore Show Insensitivity to LGBT and Bullied People Communities


Heartbreak. It’s the only way to describe how one could feel on the shocking revelation that the cast-members of MTV’s Jersey Shore — and Village Voice Queer Issue cover-models — are showing hatred toward the transgendered and bullying victims communities.

Via Deadline Hollywood, it turns out the word “tranny” was tossed around on a recent Jersey Shore reunion special. Gird your respective loins, whatever they may be:

Last week, the hit reality series got in hot water over the use of another derogatory term, “tranny” in what GLAAD called “one of the most blatant examples of transphobia seen on television” on the Jersey Shore reunion on Thursday. MTV has issued an apology. “The segment in question was certainly not meant to be insensitive, but in retrospect we realize that it was offensive to some viewers,” the network said. “We sincerely apologize.”

Shock, say the people! Awe, say the people! Because the people have yet to come to terms with Jersey Shore — like South Park or Family Guy or any show that piques the interest and consequently predictable anger of special-interest groups — as a show who profits off angering special-interests groups! Why let them be ignorant when instead you can assert your group’s position as an advocate for that cause, in the process, drawing attention/viewers to something that will never, ever change? There’s no reason to, say the people! Meanwhile, Gawker.TV puts together a compilation of clips readily negating the anti-bullying PSA put out by one of the Jersey Shore peoplecreatures, which is probably about as difficult as finding a part of New Jersey that doesn’t smell pleasant. SHOCK, we say! OUTRAGE, we say! ASDLK;FJASDL;KFJA, we say!