Silvio Berlusconi of the Undying Passions Offends Gay Men, Women, Everyone


Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, a/k/a Mr. Foot in Mouth, will not resign just because maybe he had some sex parties with young girls, or because he likes to look a beautiful girl in the face now and again in the midst of a productive, hard-working day.

According to the latest of underage allegations against the 74-year-old PM, a Moroccan girl who goes by the name “Ruby” told prosecutors she had attended parties with sex games (“bunga-bunga” parties, in the parlance) at Berlusconi’s Milan villa when she was 17, and that he’d given her money and gifts. Also, when Ruby was held at a police station in Milan last May, accused of theft, “Daddy” called and demanded she be released — and apparently also claimed she was a relative of Egyptian President Mubarak.

How do you say “shady” in Italian?

Berlusconi, speaking at a motorcycle conference, says he was just being nice. In fact, “It was merely an act of solidarity” to help her! Also, “I work all the time. I sometimes take the liberty of looking at a beautiful woman’s face. It’s better to be passionate about beautiful women than gay men.”

Ruby does say the two never had sex, for what that’s worth.

Italy’s largest gay rights organization, Arcigay, would like Berlusconi to apologize for offending everyone with his “senile passions.” But Berlusconi is too preoccupied lovin’ life, and fun, and women.

Meanwhile, Italy in general is fucked.

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