23 Inevitable Headlines About Rep. John Boehner: A Gift to the American Political Media


Congratulations, Rep. John Boehner of the Fightin’ Ohio 8th! You’re looking to be the next Speaker of the House. As such, we’ve decided to equip the American Political Media with 23 evergreen headlines in the inevitable event your already-emotional tenure in the U.S. House of Representatives gets any more interesting.

  • After Being Pressed to Hold Fire, Boehner Hurts
  • Tempers Flare as Leaky Boehner Spills to All
  • Emotional Boehner Leaves Nobody Dry-Eyed
  • Boehner Curiously Loved by Pages
  • Obama, Dems to ‘Suck it Up’ and Embrace Boehner
  • Obama, Dems Forced to Take Boehner’s Package
  • Boehner Promises to Plug Gaps “Wherever He Can Find Them”
  • Boehner Stands Firm on DADT
  • Difficulty Hitting Various Targets Attributed to Boehner
  • Boehner, Taking it Slow, Aims to Please
  • Boehner Under Fire by Partisan Jerks from Left and Right
  • Boehner Feared When Approaching Targets From Behind
  • Boehner Needs Bailout After Attempted Stimulus Goes Terribly Wrong, Locks Up
  • Boehner Pounds Legislative Agenda to Climax
  • Politics of Boehner Are Not Pretty, Stiff, But Get Job Done
  • Boehner Caught in Sticky Situation amid Pres, House, Senate Three-Way
  • Boehner to Impose Stiff Penalties on Debtors to be Found In Arrears
  • Boehner Caught With Pants Down Receiving “Dirty” Contribution
  • Comfortable Working Together, Boehner and Reid Pound Out 11th Hour Deal
  • Boehner: “Special Interests Have Sucked Me Dry”
  • Boehner Nails Pork for Ohio
  • Boehner Sore After Failing to Please Everyone
  • Boehner Chafes After Being Rubbed Wrong Way by Press