Bristol Palin Didn’t Vote, But Totally Supports the Democratic Process and Stuff


Oooh, busted. Bristol Palin, she of the beyoootiful dresses and fancy dance moves with which to amuse the pallid people of America via primetime television on the extravaganza of schlock that is Dancing With the Stars, has admitted to Inside Edition that she didn’t even find the time to send her absentee ballots back to Alaska. Oops.

“I’m going to be in trouble,” added Palin in an interview set to air Wednesday. “Sorry, mom!”

Asked if she’d support her mom for a 2012 presidential bid, Palin replied, “I know she is great, and she is great for our country.”

But would she vote for her? Also, if Lisa Murkowski wins the write-in, Bristol is soooo grounded.

In other news about the children of politics, Sasha and Malia Obama were a turkey and a Sour Patch Kid for Halloween. And they’re too young to vote, so don’t even get that started.