“Depressed” Queens Woman Threw Toddler to His Death


Today in awful news: Police have arrested a 53-year-old woman in Queens for throwing a three-year-old boy to his death from a seventh-floor balcony in Flushing last night.

Xiao Aiu Cai — who has no relation to the boy, but, according to the Daily News, shared the apartment with her daughter and the toddler’s parents — was reportedly arguing with her daughter inside the apartment before “[grabbing the child and then [throwing] the child off the balcony up on the seventh floor,” according to Queens District Attorney Richard Brown. “The child landed on the cement.”

Jerry Xhou, whose fourth birthday would have been on November 12, was later pronounced dead at New York Hospital Queens.

The New York Times points out that Cai had a “history of depression and had recently been under psychiatric care,” but that “she had no prior criminal record” and the News adds that she attempted herself “to jump to her death from the same balcony immediately after but was held back before she could take the plunge.”

Meanwhile, the Post adds that Cai, who was in custody at the 109th Precinct, will be taken in for psychiatric evaluation (um, yeah). She is expected to be charged with murder.

The Post also says Xhou’s mother works at a nearby supermarket but was in the apartment at the time. A neighbor told the paper: “I saw the mother run down the stairs. I saw her embracing the baby. She was screaming.”

Come on, people. If you must, toss yourself, but as bad as it is, refrain from throwing little kids off balconies. Please.