Finding the New ‘Delicious’


As anyone who describes food for a living knows all too well, there are only so many ways one can say something tastes good. While there are, oddly, plenty of words to convey food that tastes bad, praise is a more elusive beast. And also much less fun.

Case in point: “delicious.” It’s a word that’s been deployed so frequently that it’s lost all meaning — one may as well say a dish is “walrus” or “carburetor.” It’s a mark of its promiscuous deployment that “delicious” has spawned the even more meaningless — and infinitely more annoying — “delish,” which conjures images of Food Network hosts and sorority girls cramming cupcakes into their faces. So we herewith present some candidates for its replacement.

Robert Sietsema:

10. Tasty
9. Ooooh mommy!
8. Mouthworthy
7. Zen
6. Bitable
5. Luscious
4. Swank
3. Porkerific
2. Plush
1. Delectable

Victoria Bekiempis:

10. Stellar
9. Delightful
8. Peachy
7. Relishable
6. Lush
5. Cosmic
4. Tempting
3. Scrumptious
2. Heavenly
1. Tantalizing

Rebecca Marx:

10. Ambrosial
9. Nectarous
8. Stinkhappy
7. Droolicious
6. Sapid
5. Pisselegant
4. Subliminous
3. Ne plus-gasmic
2. Heavenbirthed
1. Good

… and three more for good measure from Chantal Martineau:

I felt it in my nether regions

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