Henry Rollins Visits The Cake Shop: “You Hear Laughter Because To These People, I’m Old and in the Way”


Most people, of course, have long since made up their minds about former Black Flag frontman, spoken word poet, and Bad Boys II actor Henry Rollins. Those who haven’t would be advised to watch the below clip (which looks to have been shot a while ago), in which Rollins wanders into the Lower East Side indie-rock den that is the Cake Shop, and confronts the natives. If you’ve ever wanted to see the weird plight of the aging punk dramatized, this is pretty much it. “Oh, I see,” he says to some cowering girl who has just heckled him by yelling “Get in van, man,” and giggling. “Is this where the young elitist hipsters take on the ancient, dodgy, in-the-way types?” You almost feel bad for him, until he marches out of the venue, gets in the back of a black livery car, and explains to his dumbfounded companion that “When she yelled out ‘Get in the van,’ that’s the title of a very famous book I wrote.” Not self-aggrandizing enough for you? He then adds. “The audiobook won a Grammy.”

Shout to Brooklyn’s own Zelig punk promoter, Todd P, for sitting in the background the entire time, looking utterly skeptical and bored.

Rollins Visits Cakeshop, Tells Hipsters To Get Off His Lawn [Free Williamsburg]