The massive Yale Press Anthology Of Rap lyric collection is essentially a 920-page doorstop in the age of the search engine; but, hey, we’re still beyond psyched that something like this exists when the more than 300 songs documented will probably be taught to our kids someday. A celebratory roundtable discussion at 92Y Tribeca seems less like a party for the book itself, and more an excuse for gifted, passionate people to get together and talk about hip-hop. Hosted by the book’s editors, the panel is an exceptional collection of some of the best rap writers ever (Touré, Dream Hampton, Ta-Nehisi Coates), Princeton’s Imani Perry, Angry Black White Boy author Adam Mansbach, poet LaTasha Diggs, and ever-vitriolic rabble-rousing rapper Immortal Technique. But the most notable panelist is old-school legend Grandmaster Caz, who should probably be found on the very first page of this anthology, since his rhymebook was notoriously borrowed to write hip-hop’s inaugural recorded slab, “Rapper’s Delight.” Guess what, America, we love you!

Wed., Nov. 17, 7 p.m., 2010