Robert Sietsema at Hill Country Chicken


This week in the Voice, Robert Sietsema is disappointed in the fried chicken at Hill Country Chicken: “Further imitating KFC, two types of chicken are offered at Hill Country. Unfortunately, both are severely flawed.”

Sam Sifton warns to be careful at Peels: “The magic is fleeting. The menu at Peels is not so stacked with excellence that it can withstand the loss of [an excellent seasonal] salad.”
[NY Times]

Meanwhile, Ryan Sutton is a big fan of Peels (“a victory for the lardcore movement in New York”), as well as Seersucker, which “cooks up some of the city’s most satisfying Southern fare.”

Steve Cuozzo approves of Lowcountry, whose menu, “down to predictable but well-turned-out desserts, deserves an enthusiastic star and a half; spot them another half for warm and smart service rare in these parts.”
[NY Post]

Gael Greene raves over Hurricane Club: “I expected kitsch and fun and tiny parasols, but I didn’t anticipate the food to be so wonderful.”
[Insatiable Critic]