Santa Extra-Pushy This Year (or, the Christmas Creep Begins)


It’s November 3. It was just Halloween, and we’re still clinging to the last vestiges of Daylight Savings Time (get ready to falllll baaaaack this Sunday!). But…have you done your Christmas shopping yet? ‘Cause you have to get on that shit. As EV Grieve has noted, “Duane Reade Puts Out Its Christmas Decorations.” For the love of God. Or baby Jesus.

Or…anyway, it seems that eventually we’ll move to a society in which Christmas decorations are up all year round, regardless of turkey or bunny or ghoul-focused holidays. And won’t that be festive?

In other news, the Wall Street Journal already wrote this article (a whole two weeks ago) to tell us how craptastic (a/k/a, “frugal”) the holidays will be this year.

Get ready!