Whether it’s art that’s commissioned or graffiti on a movie poster, when we’re commuting on the MTA, there’s always something interesting to look at. Inspiring Spaces: 25 Years of MTA Arts for Transit is an exhibition that celebrates the work that has made riding the train more enjoyable. From glass, ceramic, bronze, and steel, the artists have never been short on materials to extenuate their public space. Some of the notable works featured in this exhibition include Takayo Noda’s “The Habitat for the Yellow Bird,” a “garden” in faceted glass window screens, and Carson Fox’s “Blue Sky Pursuit,” a brilliant sky done in tempered glass. Tonight, Anne Pasternak, president and artistic director of Creative Time, moderates a discussion with artists Ellen Harvey, Duke Riley, and Vito Acconci about the realization of their Arts for Transit permanent projects.

Tue., Nov. 16, 6:30 p.m., 2010