Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino Attempts to Define New York in Three Words: “Stressful, Congested and Cold”


“Lil Wayne is free. I am on the cover of the la weekly. Life is pretty alright,” tweeted Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino earlier today, and indeed, her face is proudly plastered over our sister paper’s front page this week, under the combative legend: “The West Is The Best.” Debatable! But there’s a reason for the coverline. In addition to speaking on working with Weezer, defending her pop star bretheren (“I really hate it when people talk shit about Courtney Love”), reading Joan Didion, and being called “ditzy” (“I grew up in the Valley, and I am sort of like a Valley girl”), Cosentino speaks at some length in the piece about her time in New York, interning for the The Fader and being bummed:

L.A. WEEKLY: In three words, what was so bad about New York?

COSENTINO: Let me think. I really want to make them good — they’re not gonna be very good! [Laughs] Stressful, congested and cold. I mean, it’s not cold all the time, but being someone who grew up in Los Angeles, I’m not used to cold weather, and call me spoiled if you want to, but even this weather [it was cloudy the day of the interview] bums me out. I really feed off of the sun and the warmth, and that’s really what I love about California and Los Angeles and Southern California in general.

And in New York I also felt I could never decompress — it always just felt like, wake up, walk to the subway, get on the subway, take the subway to school, get off the subway.

Were you living in Brooklyn?

I lived in Brooklyn, yeah. Walk to my classes, did all my classes, got back on the train, went home, did homework. It just started to become so mundane — it was the same thing every day and I never felt like I could relax. Here I live in a neighborhood where I have to walk two or three blocks to get to a main street. I don’t hear fire trucks and garbage trucks and all the shit that you hear in New York all the time. I mean, I do really love New York and it’s a great place and I love visiting there, but it just wasn’t the right place for me to live.

And, as if to rub the mild insult in, the piece comes with a series of “Miss Indie California 2010” mock glamor shots:

So yeah, OK, it is pretty cold here right now, we admit that. None of the rest of it though.