Buffalo Is So Over Carl Paladino


In credence to the adaptability and resilience of the human spirit, Buffalo, hometown to the little governor that wasn’t, Carl Paladino, is kinda okay with things. In fact, maybe they never loved him in the first place. And even if they did, they certainly didn’t consider him “marriage material.” Let’s face it, a breakup was inevitable.

The New York Times reports from the front lines:

As the downtown came to life Wednesday morning with people heading to work and cars filling the streets under a bright sun, most people had already moved past Mr. Paladino’s losing effort.

“We’ll survive,” said Zak Collins, 26, a cook.

In fact, some had felt the end in the works for a while…”After the last couple weeks, I’m not the least surprised,” said Charlie Barone, 32, a construction worker.

Turns out, while “I’m mad as hell” had a certain rebellious charm in the beginning, no one really wanted to date it for the long-term. And so, Buffalo bids farewell to their James Dean in the rough, he of the erotic email porn, baseball-bat-wielding, and foot-in-mouth propensities, a man you could hardly take home to mom. No hard feelings, though — as in any “transitional relationship,” there is learning to be had. Like, what not to do next.

By Wednesday morning, the lobby of the downtown office building that served as his campaign headquarters had already been scrubbed clean. Gone were the signs draped from the balconies and the scent of enthusiasm in the air.

Enthusiasm? We thought that was angry-man sweat, with an overlay of Drakkar Noir. Anyway, Buffalo, you’re right: You can do better.