Chipotle to Launch Asian Chain; Egg Yolks Worse for You Than a McRib


Chipotle is developing an Asian food chain concept that is expected to launch in mid-2011. Pricing will be similar to that on Chipotle’s menu.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Restaurant chains like Applebee’s and Domino’s Pizza are happy about the new Republican House majority because they feel the party will better represent their interests.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Taco Bell has been quietly testing a reduced-sodium version of its menu, which it expects to result in about a million pounds less of sodium per year.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

A number of restaurants are frying with neutral-tasting oil made from rice bran, an outer layer of rice that humans can’t digest but livestock thrives on.
[SF Chronicle]

Three physicians are circulating the message that a single egg yolk has more cholesterol than the Double Down or the McRib.
[Discovery News]

San Francisco has passed the “Happy Meal” law, which restricts toy giveaways in fast-food offerings for children. It will take effect in December 2011.
[Wall Street Journal]

Wisconsin appears to have won the war over the rusty crayfish, which infested the waters of Sparkling Lake, by eating it in jambalayas, étouffées, and crawdad boils.
[Wall Street Journal]