LCD Soundsystem Are Releasing A “John Peel Session-Style” iTunes-Only Record Next Week


LCD Soundsystem live are a fearsome, complicated, pretty wonderful thing, as hopefully you’ve found out by yourself by now; they’ve got an iTunes-only thing coming out Tuesday that will, for those who haven’t seen ’em in person yet, come closest to proving it. Recorded in a U.K. studio in one day a week or so after this year’s Glastonbury Festival, The London Sessions “perfectly captures the intuitive live evolvement of lcd as a band,” as they put it. “Here nothing is replicated with computers, everything instead is recreated in real time, tougher, looser and less clinically.” Not that “Daft Punk Is Playing at My House” ever felt particular clinical, but still, great. Tracklist:

us v them

all I want

drunk girls

get innocuous

daft punk is playing at my house

all my friends

pow pow

I can change

yr city’s a sucker

LCD played here a bunch of times earlier this year and won’t be back anytime soon, alas, but it’s almost top-top season, so expect to hear about This Is Happening a lot again, as well you should.