Press Clips: Scattered Showers of Media Men


The New York Observer‘s man-tastic new look! Big ups to Bill O’Reilly. Breitbart wants us all to die, or something. Hugo-a-go-go at the Times Magazine. Pissy paywall battles, angry clowns, the Lloyd Grove Orgy, and more! Press Clips, Day 17, Lunch Edition, right here.

No Ma’am at Maxim New York Observer. Choire Sicha at The Awl reports that the gender eugenics at the Observer have finally seen their way through, as Irina Aleksander — the last female staff writer at the Observer — gave notice today. Congratulations are in order:

Reports I just completely fabricated show Observer brass concerned with staffing the paper using only the finest editorial talent in New York, gender and sexual orientation and race and ability to shop anywhere but J. Crew notwithstanding. Potential candidates include the party reporting talents of “Little J” Humphrey, Nicki Minaj (as transitioning from an all-male team at The Young Money Tribune wouldn’t prove to be too much of a challenge), and the noted sports journalism talents of former Jets beat reporter Jenn Sterger.

New York Post-Apocalypse? Has anyone heard any rumors about a shakeup at the Post? I haven’t, but I did get the question. If you see something, say something.

Trump-ing the Semites! While I’m busy contributing to the significant portion of my life spent writing about the New York Observer I could have spent volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, did anybody catch this glorious moment in the Financial Times recently?

I’ve seen regional productions of Fiddler less Jewed-up than this. One tipster notes: “It’s Straight Outta Flatbush!” A mikvah bedazzled with Swarovski crystals has yet to show up here, but don’t be surprised when it becomes the hot new Shiksa must-have of the season. Good lord. By the way, you know that FT profile by Vanessa Friedman is gonna be a great read when it starts with the words “Ivanka Trump is ‘On’.” Glad someone remembered to charge the battery beforehand.

How The Other Kush Lives: Marc Kushner, brother cousin (whatever) of Jared, just launched re-launched/expanded the content of Architizer, with the requisite (?) Styles profile to go with it. The site’s editor-in-chief? Former Flavorwire deputy editor Kelsey Keith. She didn’t make it in the profile (but she did make the photo!), but to Marc’s credit, she is cashing a regular paycheck.

Keith No-lbermann? Philadelphia Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky did the media equivalent of waterboarding one’s self by watching a week of The O’Reilly Factor and Countdown with Keith Olbermann. The results?

“The O’Reilly Factor” welcomed 20 guests from the right, 11 from the left, and seven who were neutral. Left and neutral voices combined almost equaled those from the right. “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” had 20 guests from the left, two neutral, and not a single voice from the right. Zero voices of dissent.

Even more impressive is that Bykofsky’s brain was not-bleeding enough for him to write that.

Homey Don’t Play That! Via Gawker, a clown kicked the shit out of a WPIX reporter’s face. Journalism remains a difficult business to break into.

Hugo Big or Go Home. Chris Rovzar talking to his former New York superior Hugo Lindgren. The best part, obviously:

Did you like working at Bloomberg Businessweek?
Yeah, I totally did. I really liked working at Bloomberg, not just the Businessweek part of it.

Lindgren went to Bloomy B-Week around February and lasted as executive editor until September.

Death, Destruction, and Andrew Breitbart:: Andrew Breitbart wants to bring about the destruction of the Old Media Guard. I think he needs people to actually care about him first? Let’s face it: Andrew Breitbart spiking the Sherrod story in his own end zone and then playing slapdick on CNN in the first 15 minutes of Parker Spitzer basically sealed this guy’s fate as, I don’t know, something we don’t have to worry about as much as everyone once thought we did. Now he’s bitter because ABC stood him up for a date nobody would’ve seen in the first place? Outrage, outrage, something else. Come on, Pookie, let’s burn this mothafucka down!

Famed MediaBistro Sellout Returns. Remember when Matt Van Hoven left Agency Spy to go become a sell-out at an ad agency and cash a much, much, much larger paycheck? It’s my favorite media story of the year because it’s like a heroin junkie getting out of a heroin circle to become, I don’t know, a DEA agent with a 401K, too. Did anyone notice that he returned to Agency Spy while working for an ad agency? Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. WWLTD, you guys? Probably nothing, since Fishbowl DC has long employed Matt Dornic — who works for a lobbying firm while playing The Gimp to Betsy Rothstein’s Zed at FBDC — as well. Meanwhile, SKINNY NYC should now be known as the go-to New York agency for media strategy. This is nothing but a win-win for them.

[Disclosures: I once subjected Kelsey Keith to a stint as ‘art columnist’ at Gawker. Imagine how well that went. Van Hoven and I have been drinking together more than twice. I thought he was lying about writing for Agency Spy again until I actually looked. Transparency, now!]

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