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The Great Thing About Being Dumped as a Tony Voter…


…Is that I don’t have to see every single show anymore!

I was so conscientious as a voter that I would sit there and watch everything that crept down the turnpike just on the off chance that it might end up getting a nomination or two.

After all, in order to vote in every category, you had to see everything nominated, and I was as much of a stickler about that as Patti LuPone is about the no-photos rule.

That made it extra ironic and bittersweet when the Tony Awards dumped writers like me from the voting pool because we supposedly had an agenda. (Please. We’re the only ones who don’t have an agenda!)

But it all turns into lemonade anyway because now I can skip shows that don’t interest me and go cover other, more personally rewarding stuff instead.

And so, I’ve gleefully passed on RSVPing for Lombardi, the drama about the football coach, and Rain, the lookalike revue of Beatles songs.

If they end up getting nominated, I don’t care!

And it feels great! Thank you, Tony committee!