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The Most Embarrassing Mess in Broadway History


It was Senator Joe — an unlikely musical about Commie-baiting Joe McCarthy, which only played three legendary previews in 1989, since it was blacklisted by potential investors.

According to Peter Filichia‘s new book, Broadway Musicals:

“Not only did it not have the money to open, but it also didn’t have enough to put up its marquee.

“Those who attended any of its three previews entered a theater that still said Kenny Loggins on Broadway, even though that show had closed more than two months earlier.”

It must have been awful to sit there watching this flop musical, terrified that Loggins would come out and sing “Celebrate Me Home.”

But he didn’t. Instead, you got a musical with highlights like a scene that took place in McCarthy’s stomach.

Writes Filicihia:

“The stage was flanked by grisly red drops, while two characters — one named “Enzyme” and the other tabbed “Fatty Deposits” — did a dance.”

Sounds hard to stomach. Loggins should have sued for the use of his name.