Women Already Read This Post While Men Were Still Busy Turning on the Computer


In a recent British study (why do the Brits always get the best studies?), scientists found that women were way better than men at doing one thing while also doing another (a/k/a multitasking). In an experiment, 50 men and 50 women were given eight minutes to do three things: figure out some simple math problems, find restaurants on a map, and sketch a strategy for finding a lost key in a field.

Then! While they were doing those menial and unimportant things, they got a phone call they could choose to answer. Those who answered had to take an additional “general knowledge test” as they finished all the other things they had going on.

Women did great! Men fell apart when it came to planning to search for the key.

“Men tended to start their search in a less logical place such as the centre of the field and they would not cover the whole area when they were outlining their search. Women tended to enter in one corner and search in concentric circles or lines.”

Said Professor Keith Laws, a psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire, who led the study: “It shows that women are better at being able to stand back and reflect for a moment while they are juggling other things.”

We assume women also answered the phone calls, because why lose a key and then develop a whole strategy for finding it if you can’t even tell anyone about it?

Anyway, this is not news, really; women have always been better at multitasking, just like men are better at changing tires and paying for diamonds. And this is also why women are so much better at three-ways. Biological fact of gender. Science says. Right.

[via the Telegraph]