AOL Dubs Bedford Avenue “Safest NYC Neighborhood”


AOL’s WalletPop site has revealed the safest neighborhoods in America’s major cities based on neighborhood and FBI crime data. Guess what!? Bedford Avenue has ranked as one of those cozy locales, where your chance of becoming the victim to a crime is but 1 in 500 each year.

Though we have to contest the designation of Bedford Avenue as a neighborhood — actually, it’s the longest street in Brooklyn, extending for 10.2 miles and 132 blocks and passing through the ‘hoods of Williamsburg, Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, Flatbush,and Midwood, places diverse in both spirit and crime — we guess this is good news for Bridge and Tunnelers looking to crowd the streets on Friday night in the “safe section” of the ‘Burg, where they might rub elbows with Lawrence the Crazy Yelling Man and that naked guy in the loincloth.

Oops — we hear he’s in jail. Well, there you go!

Full disclosure: This blogger once wrote for an AOL site, though it wasn’t WalletPop.