City Suing a ‘Dorm’ for Crappy Conditions


The city is suing a cracked building that markets itself as a dorm for City College students.

City College students should be wary. The 21-unit walk-up, which is adjacent to the school’s Harlem campus, has 118 housing code violations, including hazardous leaks from the roof, mice, lead paint violations, and there’s no janitor (And the building’s owners disobeyed the city’s orders to hire one.)

511 West 135th Street, City College says, is not an official dorm (The school only has one official dorm, at 401 West 130th Street, called The Towers at the City College of New York.) The company that owns the building on 135th Street calls itself City College Dorms, LLC.

According to court documents, when the city tried to enter the building to remove mold and make other repairs last spring, the building manager, William Molina, wouldn’t let them in. The city sued, and the case is making its way through housing court.

City College Dorms, LLC, is controlled by Oz Levy, according to the New York State Department’s corporate registry.