Lost Bohemia Captures New York’s Last Living Eccentrics


Tonight, you can go to the DOC NYC Festival and see Josef Astor‘s Lost Bohemia, a reminder of the wacky artistes Manhattan used to be way more respectful of.

The official description:

“For over a century, Carnegie Hall rented affordable studio apartments atop the famous music hall to artistic tenants such as Marlon Brando, Paddy Chayefsky, and Isadora Duncan.

“As a privileged tenant, director Josef Birdman Astor began to videotape his neighbors whose lives intersected with decades of artistic history.

“But his project changed when the landlord served everyone with eviction notices for a conversion to offices. Astor chronicles the protracted battle to save the apartments and pays homage to their rich heritage.”

Well, I’ve seen the film and it wonderfully shines a light on the place’s creative oddballs, from dancers to pianists to a photographer who murmurs about another photographer down the hall, “He looks 100 years old!”

See this film before it gets evicted.