Morning Links: Economy Hanging in There; Say Goodbye to Daylight Savings; Taxi Fare Hike to Come?


• The economy is a little better! But not that much better. 151,000 jobs were added by employers in October, which is still less than the 200,000 needed to combat our 9.6 percent employment rate. But let’s not get greedy or anything. Private-sector hiring was up 159,000. [MSNBC]

• Hurricane Tomas is hitting Haiti with 85 mph sustained winds. Currently, one death has been linked to the storm. Related thunderstorms will take a day or more to blow through. [Miami Herald]

• Mount Merapi in Indonesia erupted again last night, killing at least 64 people. [NYT]

• BBC journos are striking over pension bennies. [NPR]

• When the MTA raises prices, the taxis follow. A new proposal would increase the price of a cab ride by 19 percent and make the base fare $3. The flat fare to Kennedy would go up from $45 to $53. [NYP]

• Daylight savings is FINALLY over. On Sunday, you will fall back. [Yahoo]

• Sunday is also < Sunday! If you are running, you have our great respect and we are also sort of afraid of you.

• Cops still haven’t found the man who tried to grab a four-year-old boy on East 6th Street and walk away with him. [The Villager]

• Fall foliage! Get it while the getting’s good! [NYT]