No Way Back, Lunice, Fixed, and Defcon Headline Your Weekend In Nightlife


Behold, your hand-picked guide for what to do this weekend… organized by neighborhood!


Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Party: No Way Back
DJs: The Hardy Boyz, Kimyon Huggins
Highlights: The “boyz”, better known as Turntable Lab affiliates and warriors of the night Lloydski, sTERRYo, and Blu Jemz, celebrate tonight the first anniversary of their disco-themed dance fete. The party is supposed to invoke some sort of old-school house theme, but will probably feature more LES scenesters than house fiends. No matter, really, as we doubt the selectors will cater to electro or do anything but stay true to their crates.
Details: Public Assembly. Free.

Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Party: The Dinner Party
DJs: Dirty Finger & Perry Levy
Highlights: Free food, free beer, free music, and no cover (though we expect that all the free-ness will attract a mob of locals to gobble it up). With the reggae and dancehall stylings of Perry Levy, the hip-hop sanctioned booty bouncing of Dirty Finger, and a “house party” vibe, expect this to be a hot, wonderful, grimey mess. Also ideal for those of you who want to get one more use out of your Halloween costumes–ridiculous outfits are encouraged.
Details: Glasslands. 9pm – 1am.

Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Party: Nextah
DJs: Lunice, Michna, Nick Hook, Kool Hersh
Highlights: Everyone’s talking about Lunice (mostly because of his recent remix collaborations with Diplo). The Canadian hip-hop and bass-fiending producer headlines tonight’s edition of one of our new favorite monthlies. Ghostly International’s Michna, Cubic Zirconia’s Nick Hook, and Kool Hersh round out the evening. It’s super convenient for those of you traipsing around Williamsburg for the night too! Go!
Details: The Cove. Free.

Neighborhood: Lower East Side
Party: L’Affair
DJs: Project Matt, Jimmy2Times, Prince Klassen
Highlights: This tiny frou-frou lounge gets revamped with music that doesn’t make us want to kill ourselves! There will be your courtesy helping of mainstream pop, but also expect some disco, r&b, rap, and other more palatable dance grooves. The highlight here is Austin-native and recent transplant Prince Klassen–the guy knows his way around a disco set, so we’ll hope that he provides us with one.
Details: Red Velvet. Free

Neighborhood: Lower East Side
Party: Shakin All Over Sideways Down
DJs: Jonathan Toubin
Highlights: Old and hip basically sums it up. Expect soul, garage rock, glam, punk, rockabilly, and such with a crowd of early-30-somethings. This party is the definition of divey, so sling back some cheap beers and get loose on the tiny dancefloor. You’ll never see those people again anyway.
Details: Home Sweet Home. $5.


Neighborhood: NoHo
Party: Love Fixation
DJs: Love on the Run, Guests TBA
Highlights: A hidden gem! The intimate soiree hosts a slew of disco, soul, boogie, and Afro/Caribbean grooves at this basement lovefest. Drinks are spendy and the clientele is made up of locals, but the free entry, warm candle-lit setting, and handful of die-hard disco nerds make this feel like a house party.
Details: Von. Free.

Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Party: Fixed
DJs: Boy 8-Bit, JDH, Dave P
Highlights: The monthly techno and house rave brings glitchy electronic producer Boy 8-Bit to headline the late night back room party. The guy is a master of weirdo electronica and driving bass and will propel you into a zoned-out groove–that’s a good thing. Stare at the lights and stomp away.
Details: Public Assembly. $10.

Neighborhood: Greenwich Village
Party: Afrokinetic
DJs: Chris Annibell, Amon
Highlights: A free dance party at Le Poisson Rouge is a rare one. Tonight, expect a set of Afrobeat, soul, funky house, dub, jazz, and other warm-weather delights from local Chris Annibell. Also featuring live drummers!
Details: Le Poisson Rouge. Free.

Neighborhood: East Village
Party: Defcon
DJs: Hellraver, Krieg, Stalagmike, Merc
Highlights: This whole goth-wave, industrial, and noisy dance scene is new to those that went gaga for Salem and the like, but some guys have been doing it longer. Tonight’s Defcon is for the brave of spirit and unafraid–the last time we went, the fog machine alone was enough to turn some into wallflowers. That said, get your fill of “industrial dance, noise, synth, and hard electro” and remember your earplugs for the especially screechy parts.
Details: Pyramid Club. Free.

Neighborhood: Upper West Side
Party: LCDJ
DJs: GlobeSonic Sound System
Highlights: Well, any sort of hip DJ thing at Lincoln Center will come recommended, if only because we appreciate that they care. Tonight’s guests include global crate diggers Acidophilus and Derek Beres playing all sorts of weirdo foreign music, jazz, bhangra–basically, anything is game.
Details: Lincoln Center Atrium. 9pm. Free.