Sally Field: An Amazing Career


We do really like her.

After all, she survived two fluffy 1960s sitcoms (Gidget and The Flying Nun) to prove she had acting chops in the 1976 schizophrenia teleflick Sybil, which gave her a lovely bunch of cred in the business.

Three years later, she copped an Oscar for her fiery turn in the effective biopic Norma Rae (which made Burt Reynolds crazy with jealousy).

Many films later, she won her second Oscar for Places in the Heart, running that cotton farm with love, strength, and tears.

And she kept on working, going from film to TV and even occasionally stage, to good notices.

She won an Emmy for Brothers and Sisters, for Chrissake.

And who else was in all three of those cult comedies, Steel Magnolias, Punchline, and Soapdish?

And now she’s in talks to play Peter Parker’s aunt in the next Spider-Man film!

You have to give Sally all the props, especially when you consider how tough the biz is to women as they mature.

So now I’ve told you about an amazing career. Tell me about another one.