Setting the Bar: Judging Our Booze and Barkeeps


Bartender competitions seem to be a dime a dozen these days. Most of these are sponsored by big liquor companies, elaborate productions meant to promote a specific alcohol brand. Which is why it’s always refreshing when someone takes the time to rate the city’s bars and bartenders for no other reason than the pleasure of drink.

The blog theSpeakista is currently running the Best Manhattan in Manhattan competition, which — you guessed it — pits the city’s top Manhattans against each other. Tune in to see if your favorite makes the cut.

Metromix is also evaluating some of the city’s top drink slingers. In this friendly competition, mixologist types are up against dive barkeeps, club kids, and a few that fall somewhere in between. Vote before midnight tonight and keep an eye out for the finals November 8 at Turtle Bay.