The Weird Sad Loneliness of a Post Prison Lil Wayne


So Lil Wayne finally made it out of Rikers yesterday, walking away from solitary confinement, the Rikers guard who called him a “jackass,” and what TMZ pegs as one solitary fan in the parking lot (not the way we heard it). Either way, he’s free. And though we know now that he’s spoken on the phone with Drake, and he may well triumphant emerge at his protégé’s concert stop at in Las Vegas tomorrow, what few images that have emerged since Wayne got out have made the rapper’s newfound freedom look…lonely. DJ Scoob Doo, among others, has been chronicling Wayne’s first 24 hours outside the bing. Does this look like a liberated man to you?:

Anybody have a photo of Wayne with another human right now? Because we would sort of be relieved to see it. [@DJScoobDoo]