New York Is Trying to Ban Four Loko


Apparently there is a cheap alcoholic energy drink called “Four Loko,” the New York Daily News tells us today. Also NPR, ABC, CBS, Harvard Crimson, Chicago Sun-Times, and so on and so on and so on lately. That’s just the first page of Google! Now New York is working to ban it.

All you need to know about the drink is in the video above, but for the concerned parents among us, yes, one can is equivalent to five 12 oz. beers. Oh, and a cup of coffee (or two, depending on who you believe). The Michigan Liquor Control Commission banned the sale of Four Loko and its imitators. New York is probably next:

The State Liquor Authority may try to change New York law in order to ban Four Loko and other powerful caffeinated cocktails, officials said yesterday.

“Obviously, we’re concerned. We’re considering changing the rules,” said William Crowley, spokesman for the Liquor Authority. “The problem is, as it’s written, the statute doesn’t give us the power to ban these products.”

New York law doesn’t allow the Liquor Authority to ban specific products that have already been approved by federal agencies, Crowley said.

Money quote: “Makers of Four Loko have said the drink is no different from other caffeine and alcohol combinations like rum and cola, Red Bull and vodka or Irish coffee.” But where’s their music video?