Andrew Cuomo’s Girlfriend is Not Moving In


New York’s governor-elect Andrew Cuomo will not be bringing his girlfriend of four years, semi-celeb chef Sandra Lee, to Albany for First Lady duties, according to the Wall Street Journal. To be a fly on the wall when the couple had that conversation! Now, it’s entirely possible that Cuomo and Lee, both professionals with independent success, have an arrangement and a very mature, 21st century relationship. But that won’t stop the speculation from the media.

In fact, the Journal is more than happy to devote an entire investigation into the matter. Part of it is practical. Cuomo is, after all, the first unmarried governor since Hugh Carey in 1975. But it doesn’t look like Lee will be doing much when it comes to state business:

Ms. Lee isn’t expected to have any official duties, staff or title, said a person familiar with the matter. And Albany residents hoping for Ms. Lee to introduce her recipes such as “Having-It-All Caramel Shortbread” or “Cheesy Chorizo Chili” to the capital’s culinary scene will find themselves disappointed: She has no plans to relocate to the executive mansion from her residence in Mount Kisco, where she and Mr. Cuomo live.

Luckily, New Yorkers understand complicated relationships. Even our mayor has one:

Political observers say the fact that Ms. Lee and Mr. Cuomo aren’t married won’t detract from her ability to serve as his surrogate. Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s handling of his relationship with his longtime companion, Diana L. Taylor, has helped set a precedent. “We have a divorced mayor with a girlfriend; there’s nothing wrong with having a divorced governor with a girlfriend,” said Mitchell Moss, professor of urban policy at New York University.

And they say dating in this town is impossible.

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